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The Perfect Photo

Getting that perfect photo of your client can sometimes be tricky! So here are a few tips and to help you achieve your goals!

Lighting is always really important to think about when capturing your photos. Natural lighting is always better! If you're inside ( which tends to keep lighting a little warmer) take your client outside! it will give your photos some edge and guarantee the best lighting!

Knowing what you want to focus on in your photos will also help whenever it comes down to styling.

It is always great to keep extra accessories at the salon just in case you have the opportunity to do a quick photoshoot!

But, if you plan ahead you can always tell your client what type of clothing you'd like them to wear and what style you are trying to represent with your photos.

Take as many pictures as possible! The perfect shot never comes easy, and rarely on the first try. Have your model make sudden movements with their body and eyes, giving you different angles and focus points. Then, you can narrow it down to the perfect shot!

Photos are a great way to share your work with a broader audience. With the perfect photo, people can see what amazing work you are capable of!

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