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Re-define yourself

Hair. Its a pretty small word but has one of the biggest impacts on our self image and what we project to the world.

As children,( and for me as a woman) typically we go to our parents hair stylist and let our parent do the talking. " just a trim, I don't want it to be too short. " or " I don't want her to look like a boy so only a tiny trim"

Now as were growing up thats how we are trained to talk to our stylists'. To feel we have to fit this perfect image of what as "woman" looks like and how a woman should feel.

When do we start to define our own meaning of self? At what age do you think.. I don't think my reflection, reflects how I feel on the inside.

And when you are able to step out of the social norm in your mentality, how do you learn to translate that to your every day life? How do you start to feel comfortable to strip yourself of the years of what we were told was "normal".

To me; and maybe i'm biased because my profession is to help people change their hair, it can be just getting a haircut that reflects you and what you want to look like. Regardless of your sex and sexuality. Finding something that when YOU look in the mirror, you actually see yourself. almost like its for the first time ever.

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