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Simple Ways to Start YourDay Feeling Refreshed

There are some simple and easy ways to feel refreshed every day!

Taking a hot shower every morning is a great way to meditate in the morning. Imagining each droplet from the shower is washing away all the stress and worries of yesterday. Become aware of the water running down your body. recognize how it makes you feel. When you feel centered and present exit the shower and begin your day!

Using natural products in the morning not only tells your body that you wan to take care of it, but natural products carry benefits deeper then the physical self. 

Products with lavender and chamomile help keep you relaxed and calm.

SBCP carries Ambers Essence in all of our products, This not only helps keep your hair and skin nourished but Amber promotes your happiness by ridding your boy of negative energy. 

Look in the mirror before you leave for your day and feed yourself positive encouragement. Things like reminding yourself you are worthy of all things. You have the power to Create your Day. You are open to all the gifts and challenges the universe sends your way.

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