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Creative Hair

The idea of creative hair typically makes the mind go to the idea of something crazy, or drastic in the style. But here at Step Bone Cut, creative hair has a meaning then just standing out, but thinking outside of the box.

Thinking outside of the box for your clients allows your ideas and mind to expand into having an idea more brazen and greater then what the standard haircut may be. Even if your client may be into something more natural and classic, there are many ways to allow your thought and creative process more exciting for your client to experience and for you to create.

Our cutting process with the step bone cut technique is very different from your average cutting methods. it allows our bodies to flow in the natural rhythm and energy and which we cut, which helps connect us to be in harmony with the hairs' spirit.

By doing this; connecting on a higher level with the physical self, we are able to understand certain needs and wants of the hair and its natural want to lay and move freely without restrictions.

Learning to understand and speak to the hair allows the hair cut to be creative without always being too "extreme" for the client.

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