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Color Expectations

Everyone’s hair has a certain limit it can hit whenever it comes to color services. 

There is so much depending on what you can achieve by what your color past is, or what your natural hair feels like. 

It is important to enter all color appointments with an open mind and start with a very thorough consultation. 

Listening to your hair dresser and understanding the advice you are given for what colors are achievable are due to many different factors and what you may want, might not be achievable within the first appointment 

Certain hair can not become a white blonde without breakage, while others don't seem to have a problem reducing all amounts of yellow. 

Other hair holds warm tones extremely well, while other hair types may not hold onto the color as well which causes fading in the color.

Healthy hair is the main and first concern with all hairdressers who are working with their client. 

Colors are not possible to achieve or maintainable if the hair is not in its healthiest condition. 

So take care of your hair and listen to your stylist. Never color your own hair at home and most importantly release yourself of expectations. 

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