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More volume and healthier hair

Adding more volume to thin

and light hair has never been easier.

Born in Japan.


At STEP BONE CUT our main goal is to create Beauty that is kind to the earth as well as to the people. Our Methods are designed to reduce waste and to keep the process as clean as possible for both our clients and the Salon.

In our Workshop, you will not only learn the basics of the Step Bone Cut but also how to operate a Salon that cuts down waste and improves the well being of your costumers.

What is the STEP BONE CUT?



Adding this Method to your price List and introducing it to costumers will increase your sales.


The Step Bone Cut was designed to improve your performance and speed during every cut.  


Our Methods require almost no chemicals and we limit our water use to a minimum.  


More volume and healthier hair

Adding more volume to thin and light hair has never been easier.


Costumers that have struggled with thin and broken hair now get the chance to enjoy a new way of expressing themselves. 

The Step Bone Cut makes worrying about your hair a thing of the past! 

Manage thick and unruly Hair


SBC makes it easier to handle wavy, thick and unruly hair.


That way, costumers are able to enjoy light; and easy to manage Haircuts. 

And best of all? Through our special cutting technique, the Haircut lasts longer and is easier to maintain even after washing it.

The Basic Concept

The Step Bone Cut Technique allows you as Hair Stylist to add and reduce Volume within the cut. 

By cutting the hair near its roots, weight and volume can be controlled. 

Give your customers the hairstyle that truly expresses their beauty

With the Step Bone Cut, we took cutting hair a step further. 


By visualizing each client's Head shape and size, we are able to create the perfect look for each client.

Create smooth and clear hairstyles. By using the Step Bone Cut method, you can increase and decrease volume anywhere you want to create the perfect shape.


With the SBC original scissors and SBC cut lotion, hair can be cut very clean. It produces a simple yet fashionable design which doesn’t require much blow drying—that means less damage to your hair.

2,Focus on each head shape
Don’t cut hair for design’s sake. Focus on each unique head shape, finding the best design to make a person beautiful with the proportion and balance of their whole body being considered.

3,Give life to your hair
Use SBC original hair cut lotion generously. With it, cutting hair almost feels like cutting butter.Listen to your hair. It will respond to your care and direct you where and how much to cut.

4,Cut with gravity
Cut hair with the SBC original form—relaxed, without any need for tension.Let your body go along with gravity, cut naturally, that way the hair will be cut in a circular angle. The hair will shine and swing.

5.Meditation cut
Reset everything. Bring your core spirit back to the center of your body. 64 simple and basic steps enable you to complete any design you’d like to create. Listen to the sounds of the scissors.Every step you take will let you feel where you are moving towards. You’ll feel calm and satisfied.

Sayuri Ushio

Creator & Founder of STEP BONE CUT  

As a Businesswoman, Sayuri owns several Hairsalons all over the World and is bringing her unique techniques to the U.S. 

Sayuri has been featured in a variety of Fashion and Beauty industry magazines and worked alongside some of the industry's best photographers and designers.


For years, she traveled all over the world capturing her perspective on how Japanese hair techniques have been integrated into the global world. Her photos were later turned into a book for Japanese hairdressers and has since been published both in Japan and the U.S.



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