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Updated: Feb 18, 2018

Why choose STEP BONE CUT?

Ordinary haircutting methods are still brilliant in their own ways, but there is something about STEP BONE CUT method that is unlike anything else.

As hairdressers, we are taught about foundation. What shape am I looking to create? How can I make the hair become this shape? What tools and products will I need to use?

Woman spend an average of 55 minutes EVERY DAY fixing their hair in the morning!

With that extra 55 minutes you could watch an hour long t.v show without the credits.

You could wash a load of laundry.

Read a few chapters of that book you never seem to have time for,

Take your dog for a walk,

Spend time with your loved ones,

Or you could even sleep in that extra hour that you really really needed!

We spend so much time fixing our hair in the morning because our haircut is built as its own foundation, and not being built from the foundation it lives on.

When you have a haircut that is cut to your head shape and bone structure, you no longer have to work to style your hair for the look you desire. Your haircut becomes your hairstyle. Its easier to manage, lays nice with natural drying. Volume is cut into your hair so you no longer have to struggle with that round brush or teasing comb. And weight in your hair is no longer an issue.

Stop wasting time struggling with your hair and just become on with it. Allow it to be is natural beautiful self in a way that allows you to feel beautiful with it.

Visit our website if you want to learn more about our method or to book an appointment!

Thank you for reading!


通常のヘアカットとSTEP BONE CUTは全く違う方法でカットします。








それが可能なのがSTEP BONE CUT。



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