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Who We Are

Here is a little introduction to who we are!

STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN is composed of three talented stylists.

Sayuri; our creator and founder.

Koutarou; the manager, education instructor as well as a certified master Stylists.

Hannah; the first American STEP BONE CUT employee, and a certified master stylist.

Together, we are STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN.

STEP BONE CUT is a famous Japanese haircutting technique that was created to design haircuts like people design clothes. By using a systematic blue print for every haircut, stylists are able to sketch out their design and visualize their end result more precisely. By cutting hair near its root, we are able to control volume enhancement and reduction throughout the cut. This allows us to focus on each unique head shape, finding the best design to make a person beautiful with the proportion and balance of their whole body being considered.

We believe a haircut is not only a haircut, but a true work of art. Each person who sits in our chair becomes our canvas and we are able to create freely together.

To make an appointment with one of our talented stylists, please visit our website to make your reservation!

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