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What Keeps you Inspired?

In the beauty industry, I find it important to keep yourself constantly inspired and driven to work. But what happens during the time that you lack the motivation and inspiration?

How do you find it again?

What inspires you to stay inspired?

This is a question I believe most artists ask themselves at some point. It is easy to get distracted by the noise of society, especially in a place like New York City.

When your art is your career, there isn't much time to lack on the feeling of inspiration.

what i like to do in times of need is to make a list titled "WHAT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD?"

On this list I like to include things like the places and spaces that make me feel happy and the people I enjoy spending my time with. Generally when you surround yourself with positive energy, you can start to vibrate on the same frequency. Vibrating on a higher frequency will help your energy remain high and keep your mind more open and creative.

If you feel inspired by plants or nature, go for a walk in the woods or buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. Take the time to look, and I mean really look at what you are seeing and you can transform that into your inspiration.

Whenever you lack the feeling of being inspired, go out and get yourself inspired. This world is not black and white. This world is not flat and lifeless. This world is buzzing with energies of all frequencies and bursting with colors that are unbelievably beautiful.

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