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Volume Control

STEP BONE CUT helps with volume control.

What that means is, with our technique we can help reduce and increase volume in specific areas to help you get a better shape and decrease hair weight.

By cutting hair close to the root, we are creating gaps in the areas where weight and volume needs to be reduced.

Clients who struggle with achieving their dream haircut because of their natural texture can benefit from the STEP BONE CUT method.

Other methods we are traditionally used to seeing in the salon is the use of the razor or texturizing shears to help reduce the weight in the hair.

Sometimes, these tools and techniques can cause damage to more rough;coarse textured hair. Which in the end, can leave the hair damaged, dry, and still full of weight.

STEP BONE CUT method has our stylists first coat the hair with our Raw Mineral Mist to help prevent any damage during the haircut. Because of this products plant and mineral based ingredients it not only coats the hair to help with a more smooth and precise cut, but it penetrates through the hair and skin to help create a healthier balance. This will leave your hair feeling soft and looking shinier than before.

If you are interested in learning more about this method for yourself, visit our website or book a complimentary consultation with one of our master stylists!

Thank you for reading!

STEP BONE CUTはボリュームをコントロールすることができる!?


STEP BONE CUT は今までのボリューム調整のやり方と大きく異なります。


STEP BONE CUT はセニングシザーを使いません。専用のハサミで骨格上必要のないところだけしっかりと毛量を減らすので毛先もパサパサせずまとまりある艶やかな髪になります。

さらにSTEP BONE CUTでは、STEP BONE CUTをより効果的なものにし、髪をカット中の損傷から守ってあげるため、オリジナルの生ミネラルミスト、STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTSのミストをたっぷりと髪にふりかけ、浸透させて髪がうるうるになった状態でカットしていきます。なので全く痛まないですし、ミネラルと天然の植物エキスをたっぷり含んだ髪は、そのまま乾かすだけで以前よりも美しく、そして柔らかな髪になっています。



さあまだSTEP BONE CUTをしたことがない人、もっと知りたい方はWEBサイトをぜひご覧ください。

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