Transforming Through A Haircut

When you receive the STEP BONE CUT technique, it's not only about transforming physically but also mentally.

Here's how you can look at it. Whenever you have physical weight attached to you, it quite literally weighs you down. It's heavy, it's tiring and it's something your attention can always be drawn to.

Now whenever that weight is removed, you instantly feel lighter. You stand taller, smile bigger and have more energy.

Whenever we take the opportunity to relate that physical weight to what can be mental weight, we realize once that struggle and mental weight is removed from our minds and our bodies we are able to feel lighter! We become more PRESENT. We are aware of everything we are and everything we can feel and become. When you let go of all that weighs you down; whether it be physically or mentally, you are reborn.

Take that chance to find the best version of you.

If you want to learn more about this experience, schedule yourself for a consultation at our Brooklyn Salon!

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