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The Importance of setting the right energy in your salon.

There are so many different types and styles of Salons out there in New York, but more importantly the world. Each salon has their own special uniqueness that helps set them apart from the rest.

But where do you start when finding your own style for your salon?

Figuring out your personal aesthetic is the most important thing to start with. Do you want loud and bright colors and decorations? Do you want a bright and open atmosphere or maybe something a little more grunge meets rockn’ roll?

Once you figure that out you can understand the type of clientele you are trying to market to and start getting clients in the salon.

You have to think about what you want to serve and offer your clients. Do you want to serve any coffee, tea, or maybe even your own concoction of flavored water? Will you have snack or baked goods?

Along with the personal aesthetic of the salon you really need to pay attention to what music you will be playing to keep the mood of the feeling you’re trying to create.

For instance, if you have a salon that makes the client assume you are a little bit more hard edge, but when they arrive you are playing really classical light music, your client might feel a uncomfortable or confused about the environment.

Your space needs a complete and whole mood to set the right tone for your clients appointment and your days ahead as a company and successful business.

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