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Spreading STEP BONE CUT  世界に広がる

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

During the months of September and October, STEP BONE CUT Acadamy Brooklyn has been educating people with our technique from all over the world. Sayuri; our creator is here from Japan helping spread her message across the Untied States.

Now we have a new Master STEP BONE CUT Stylist all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii! He has finished his Basic, Technical and Master Course in a short time of three months! His name is Shinji Sakata, he is a great hair artist who studied and practiced very hard over these last three months. We are very excited to have him share the STEP BONE CUT with the people of Honolulu!

This week of October, we have started our Basic Course! All three of our students have come all the way from Japan to learn here in Brooklyn, NY.

It's very special to have a place where students from all over the world can learn and become inspired together. To share our message in the best way , these students have learned, practiced and studied why STEP BONE CUT was born.

With intense hands-on and theory training, each student has learned about body posture and body movement, how to cut the hair with gravity, and how to understand the basics of head shapes and bone structure.

The student to pass first is only 19 years young! His name is Sena Fujimoto, and he is now the youngest certified Swing Cut Stylist.

With being here over One year in New York, STEP BONE CUT Academy has expanded its family and its technique in the U.S.

It has been exciting to see our brand become more known and to see the way it changes the salon life of our students, and how they can change their guest.

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