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Real Skin Care 本当のスキンケア

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

We all know how important skin care is. Regardless of gender or age, it is important to know how to take care of your skin. Skin is what protects what is inside our bodies; our veins, muscles, organs, bones. So why is that sometimes we don't bother to learn about the products we are using or what inside them?

STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS are made with all plant and mineral extracts that are not only beneficial to your hair, but also your skin. In our pamphlets we list all of the ingredients and what each specific one does for you, so that you know exactly whats going into your body and the benefits you will receive.

We love every plant and mineral that is purposely placed into our products, but just to give you an idea we'll list a few of our favorite and their benefits for you!

Ambers essence is our main ingredient in our product. This comes from fossilized tree resin that can be from over 45 million years old! the benefits of having this be our main ingredient is that the Amber actually goes into your hair follicle, to cleanse and allow new hair growth to start. If the amber continues to be used, your new hair will grow stronger, shiner, and faster than your old hair.

Amber is also used to help create more elasticity in your skin! What this means is that as we get older, the turnover of our cells becomes less and less ( your skin starts to sag, you get wrinkles. You get the idea!) The amber penetrates through the skin and works with your cells to help the skin have natural buoyancy. This will allow your skin to naturally tighten, giving you the appearance of a smaller face.

Another ingredient we love is Paeonia Suffruticosa extract. This come from the root of the Peony flower, which has been used for medicinal purposes in Asia for more than 1,200! Among the many effects this plant extract has for people, such as anti-inflammatory agent, helping muscles spasms, arthritis, ect. This extract helps to give our hair richness and body. What we mean by that is the natural colors of your hair and skin become more vibrant and lively. It's like you've been seeing your hair and skin through very dull tinted glasses. Then whenever you remove the glasses ( paeonia extract) all of a sudden your life is more colorful and vibrant then ever before! This is how we describe the effects of this mineral.

to lean more about our products, come in to the salon and talk to one of our stylists! Or, visit our website at to learn more!

Thank you for reading!


STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTSは、あなたの髪だけでなく、あなたの肌にも良い、数十種類の植物およびミネラル抽出物で作られています。


琥珀エキスは、STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTSの主要成分です。これはなんと4000万年以上も前にできた化石樹皮樹脂からできています。この琥珀エキスを主な成分とすること利点は、琥珀エキスが実際に毛包に入り、頭皮を浄化し、新しい毛の成長を助けてくれることです。琥珀エキスをつけていってもらうと、新しく生えてくる髪はより強く、輝きを増します。


STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTSについてもっと知りたい方は、ぜひサロンに来てください。私たちがご説明します。

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