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Shape Of Love

Aiko Fukuda's first solo exhibition in New York City was a total success!

The night was filled with people curiously wondering into the studio, mesmerized by the engaging art work placed perfectly across the studio; the windows covered with a beautiful display of colorful butterflies that lit up the room as the sun would shine through.

Her fashion inspired work comes to life with her creativity and passion. Each piece Aiko had created for this exhibition was given special attention to the details put into her creations. From an interactive 3D picture, to the stippling in each drawing.

Each piece had a unique point that would capture your attention and make you dive in to take a closer look. Each dot or stroke shadows and textures each picture, bringing each piece to life.

Make sure to stop by before August 10th to see her amazing work and thank you to all who came by to support Aiko during her opening night!

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