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Today were going to discuss how to determine the overall shape of a haircut.

Personally for me, I like to split the face up into three horizontal sections. This helps me from getting overwhelmed by the whole face shape at once, and focusing on the three main points of the face.

When focusing on each section, you are able to determine where you think volume needs to be added as well as be removed.

Features on a the face can some times be perfectly balanced, and other times has its own unique form. When cutting hair, its important to understand what your client loves about their face and also know what features you think best flatter them.

Being able to probably balance a haircut determining on the areas of the face has a lot to do what what type of layering you create.

With STEP BONE CUT we create internal layering to create our over all shape.

What is internal layering?

With the STEP BONE CUT cutting method, we design internal layering by starting to cut hair as close as 1 cm to the root;adjusting length accordingly to the design we want to create. Moving our body with our scissors in ways to help us dip in and cut out weight from the hair, or creating small half circles with our body to help make volume with each section.

The way we hold our scissors and position our bodies doing this is extremely important. This helps us from any of these small hairs we are cutting to stick or poke out of the design. We cut to help the hair lay naturally against the head shape so whenever the long hair falls on top,the short pieces will be completely invisible.

When you can understand someones face shape, you can understand what type of shape you are looking to create. And when you know what type of shape you want to create, all you have to do is open your mind to the endless possibilities of creation to design a one of a kind haircut.

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