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Sayuri's Documenatry

The creator of the STEP BONE CUT method, and the owner of our company, Sayuri Ushio was filmed for a short documentary for Japanese television here in America. This documentary will showcase many things about Sayuris career and journey here in the US as well as how her every day work life looks like here in NY.

views explaining STEP BONE CUT.

There will be clips of her working hands on with clients, as well as sit down interviews explaining STEP BONE CUT.

There will also be shots of showing how she shops for clothing for her models in some of the trendiest vintage shops in Brooklyn, as well as how prepares her clients for the photo shoot with make up and hair styling. It will show Sayuri taking her model to the streets and getting the perfect shots of her art work.

The documentary will be filled with many exciting moments and stories that have all been apart of Sayuris journey here in the untied states and we are really looking forward to being able to share this with you!

To keep up with what we are doing here at STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN, visit our website at

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