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Raw Art Show

RAW is a company created by the community to help support unique artists in their journey to success and exposure in not only their own city, but the world!

They support all forms of art from dancing, fashion, to the beauty industry.

Our Master Stylist Hannah will be lucky enough to join this amazing show on September 26th here in Brooklyn, Ny! Hannah finds herself being inspired by the Japanese culture, as well as all things in nature and the elements. Hannah searches for inspiration inside herself as well as the people she surrounds herself with.

This show will allow Hannah to present up to five models that she has created the haircuts for!

This will also give her the opportunity to network and meet her peers and other artist from our neighborhood and community.

This is also another chance for Hannah to show the community what STEP BONE CUT is all about!

Typically, companies will make you pay hundreds of dollars to be apart of their art shows. Raw however allows artists to attend for free! They just ask that each artists participating sells at least 20 tickets. Each ticket is $22.

So please support Hannah, and the STEP BONE CUT by purchasing a ticket to the show today by clicking the link below!!

Your support of our stylists and of our company means a great deal!

We are looking forward to see what Hannah comes up with for the show!

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