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Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Sayuri Ushios exhibition was a huge success! This time she demonstrated how she believes the life of your hair is in likeness to the life of a plant.

Hair grows from your head, just like plants and trees grow from the ground. Once the hair/plant is cut off from its life source, the living thing loses its life.

Sayuri believes that everything that has once lived, and all things that are still living have a spirit. It is our job with our time on this earth to connect with those spirits. Therefore, you should treat all things with love.

With canvas presented on the wall with her original sketches, and a huge display of recycled mannequin heads that hang from the ceiling in representation of hair in likeness to the life of plants.

STEP BONE CUT ; among many reason, was created so that your spirit and your hair spirit can celebrate the feeling of freedom and happiness together. Helping you both to live in perfect harmony.

We hope this exhibition inspires New York City to think out of the box whenever it comes to their hair. To learn that your hair has a spirit, just like all things and that it is important to connect to that spirit and give love to one another.

The art exhibition will be held until 26th!!

SAYURI USHIO Artist Statement

Hair has life just like anything with life has a heart Everything existing in the world has life, past or present. Thus, I love all things very much.

I have seen the emotions of hair all along. Joy, sadness, anger....

Talking to the hair, listening to the voice of the hair, feeling the hair; I told myself the feelings of the hair.

My work is alternating the life of hair.

As the trees of the forest that grow from the earth, fluttering in the earths wind. From the head of the human body, the hair grows like a plant, feeling the wind blowing just the same.

This is because there is life.

As the cut flower withers at that moment

When you cut your hair, the hair is coming from the life of an important woman, transforming as it is removed from its life source.

It is a living body,and then a corpse.

Yes, the plant and the hair are the same.

Also, as animals and humans are the same

I have been a hairdresser forever

I ate a lot hair over the years.

When cutting with hair in a salon, the hair that had broken flew and entered the mouth.

Often in my dreams it looked as if hair would come out forever.

Even if you pull the hair coming out of your mouth by hand;

Even if you pull it out, your hair comes out of your throat forever.

It as if now, myself may already be made of hair.

Both hair and human beings are made of amino acids and minerals, and moisture, so it is no wonder that we are the same.

Since we are the same, that means hair can be eaten like plants.

Although, it is simply a dream, never has hair been eaten.

We have received a life by eating life.

This body is all made from life.

Hair, nails, skin, internal organs, eyes, everything is made out of what..

If it dies like after the hair is cut, what will it become like? . .

I want to design hair so that it will rejoice at least while my hair is alive.


髪には命がある。そして、命あるものには心がある。世に存在する全てのものに命がある。またはあった。よって、全てが 愛おしい。

















髪も人間も アミノ酸とミネラル、そして水分でできているので、それは決して不思議ではない。







せめて髪が生きているうちは 生き生きと揺らぎ、髪が喜ぶように、デザインしたい。

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