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Let me start by saying, perms are not like they used to be! Today, the technology and techniques used for perms have become so advanced, you are able to create endless styles!

We all remember the hype in the 80's when your hair was never big enough, and the endless amounts of hair spray and teasing combs that we all went through.

Now a days, popular styles are much more disheveled; natural looking.

With the technology of the perm evolving, we are able to create effortless looking waves that seem natural to the untrained eye.

But thats not the only style! You can use a perm to just create small amounts of body and add volume into the hair, or you can create a soft spiral styled perm as well.

Any type of wave or curl that you can imagine, chances are that a perm can achieve that.

So let go of the stereotype feeling you have when you hear the word "Perm" and open your eyes to all of the new possibilities!!

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