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Our First Year


This month, STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN has been open for one whole year. To say we are excited is an understatement.

Opening a new business is hard, especially in NYC. But for the past year we have worked our hardest to create a solid foundation and home where we are lucky enough to spread our passions and creativity to the world, as well as helping other people do to the same!

This past year, we have held multiple Seminars for the STEP BONE CUT ACADEMY. With students traveling as far as Hawaii, Utah, Rhode Island and even Japan! These students have pushed themselves and their creative talents to open up new doors and to help spread our message and share our dream! We couldn't be more grateful to everyone who has connected with us and this technique this past year. We are seeing amazing things for each and every one and we couldn't be more proud to all be apart of the STEP BOEN CUT family together!

We have also had the opportunity to host many successful artistic events in our gallery space! We have been able to open our space to musicians, fashion designers, artists, photographers, videographers, DJ's, and even Chefs!

This has been an amazing and eye opening experience to get to be apart of something that helps the community express their crafts and being able to share them in an open, freeing space. A place that no matter where you're from, what language you speak, or even what your craft is, people come together and communicate. They get to know their neighbor and make new friends. This is why we have created this space in the first place, and its so special to see that vision come to life!

Finally, we can not forget about our salon! The place where our stylists are able to create freely, connect with each person that comes into our chair and make art. This past year we have had the amazing opportunity to meet so many wonderful people!

We know that the STEP BONE CUT method is so new to the US, so having the chance to show people what we are about has been a true blessing. This is something we could not do without each and every person that has walked into our salon, brave enough to try something new. So thank you!

Getting to create not only amazing haircuts but work on photo shoots, experiment with new ideas, and just have fun while testing our creativity has been the best way to spend our first year here at STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN.

This is only the beginning of our Journey here in the United States and none of this would be possible without the help of our STEP BONE CUT family, and every person out there who wears and loves their STEP BONE CUT!

Looking forward to see where this next year takes us! We hope to see you along the journey!!

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