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Natural Blow Dry

Natural Styling is what we focus on when styling a STEP BONE CUT haircut.

We all find pictures online of models and actresses with hair we dream of. When we see those pictures we forget that these people have a huge team of stylists working on them to make their hair look the way it does.

Whenever we learn to work with the hair and texture that we have, we no longer have to fight to find that "perfect style"

Our haircut is the perfect style. With STEP BONE CUT we want you to love your hair in its natural state.

So instead of fighting to get the right angle with your brush while you blow-dry, try using your fingers and hands to twist and direct the hair the way that you want it to go. If your hair is cut for your texture and natural wave pattern, styling becomes a lot easier for you!

Understanding your hair and its wants can help you achieve a look that is effortlessly beautiful and effortlessly YOU!

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