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What is a meditation cut?

This experience is not only for the client, but for the stylists as well.

This is an experience that resets everything. This is a time to bring your core spirit back to the center of your body.

Who is the person that you feel you are inside? How do you want to show yourself to the world?

By listening to the rhythmic sound of our scissors moving with the hair, you are able to set your mind and body at ease.

As we cut out what weighs you down, you are able to let go of the physical and mental weight that may hold you back. You being to feel a sense of freedom.

Every step you take will let you feel where you are moving towards. Becoming a better version of yourself; as the creator or as the client.

You’ll feel calm and satisfied, entering a new place of peace and tranquility.

You are able to let go of what masks your true self, and emerge into your truest form.

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