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Live Life in Color!

Coloring your hair can happen in very different ways. You can create something bold and exotic, natural and low maintenance, or simply matching up your natural to cover those grey hairs! But whatever color you are doing, remember to have fun with it!

As a hairdresser, and someone who has changed their hair color multiple times the past 7 years, I can tell you how fun it is to change your look up to find something that suits your personality better.

And it's exciting!

Have you ever tried on a wig before? Something that is totally different from what your natural hair is, just to see how it looks? Well it's a little bit like that feeling.

Shocked, in awe, that state of "oh my god is this really me?!"

Yeah, but instead of taking off that wig, you walk home with that hair. You shower it, take care of it, brush it every day (hopefully) That hair is yours! You own it. And the best part is, Its keeps on growing, people! That means that you can always change it back, or try something different out.

It is a change that is the least permanent, that can be changed and no trace of the old you will be left behind.

So next time your going through a crazy change in your life, or are feeling like it is time for a big change. Go to one of the people you should trust the most during this time. If you haven't guessed, Its your favorite hair dresser! Le t them know how your feeling, and how you want to feel, then let me create the newest version of you! Watch the change happening, and feel the amazing difference afterwards.

If you still need to find that hair dresser that you trust, and you live in the New York area, try out one of our STEP BONE CUT Stylists!

Schedule a consultation, or jump right into an appointment by booking through our website

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