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There are certain moments or experiences in your life that spark a creative fire inside of you.

Those moments push you to think with a limitless and creative mind-set. Allowing you to expand past the normal boundaries of every day creativity.

As hairdressers, it is important to keep our eyes and minds open to finding that inspiration on a daily basis. Whenever you are in charge of someones physical appearance, it puts you in charge of their confidence, their belief in themselves and their abilities. Our physical appearance means a great deal to each and every one of us.

When you look in the mirror, do you not want to feel confident, brave, and beautiful?

Coming from a hairdresser; someone who works in front of a mirror every day, you of all people should understand this feeling.

Each and every one of us is uniquely beautiful.

As a creator we need to be thinking 'How can I put my talents and creativity to enhance that beauty for each individual, to express their uniqueness so they can go out and share that with the world?'

The answer.. Find what inspires you and STAY INSPIRED!

Do whatever it takes to keep your life as colorful, light and happy as it can be. Whenever you truly believe in the magic that surrounds us every day, you then know that the all of the creativity and the passion you wanted lies within you; within each and every one of us.

Never forget that no matter how old you get, use your imagination and you can always be inspired.

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