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Hair Maintenance

We have all gone through times where we are trying to grow our hair out. Whether it is to grow the length longer, or try a new style.

This is a crucial time to understand the importance of hair maintenance.

Whenever you are starting to grow your hair out, the idea of cutting your hair becomes a bit scary. You may think " Why would I get my hair cut if I want to have my hair long?"

That is actually a really great question!

Even though it may feel like you are taking a step backwards by getting your haircut, you're actually preparing for the future. To have long, healthy hair, you need to maintain a regular trim with your hair stylists. Damage occurs over time from heat, environment, and every day wear on your hair.

By getting a regular trim, you are able to keep your ends full, healthy, and breakage free!

With our STEP BONE CUT technique, you can trim your hair in a way that allows your hair to grow out more beautifully. Your haircut will last longer with the STEP BONE CUT technique, which will help you further on your journey to having your dream hair.

It's important to discuss your future goals with your stylists so they know what look you are trying to achieve and how to help you get there!

To schedule with one of our stylists, please visit our website at

Thank you for reading!

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