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Exhibition OPENING NIGHT SAYURI USHIO  個展オープンナイト

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

Pre-Exhibition party was on January 24th 2018. This opening was a preview for her full gallery exhibition, which will be held on the 5th of April.

This event showcased Sayuris' belief that a haircut is not only that, but a work of art and science. To do this she created her own haircut designs and painted them across our windows. Below each design she created a blue print to show how the actual design is thought out and created.

Throughout the event she showed many of her creative videos as well. Sayuris imagination and creations astounded the Bushwick community that night. Many people came out to celebrate and support Sayuri and all the hard work, time, and creativity she poured out into her project.

Her passion and talent shines through her work, making it clear for anyone to see that she is special. She has created something in this world that has changed many lives; for hairdressers and for all people. Her work will spread through the world and inspire many people as time goes on.

To everyone who came out that night, Thank you all so much! you made the night more special and memorable. We hope to see you for the full exhibition on April 5th!

STEP BONE CUT の創始者であるSAYURI USHIOの個展のプレオープニングパーティーが2018年1月24日に開催されました。このオープニングは、4月5日に開催されるフルギャラリー展のプレビューでした。


彼女の想像力と創造物はその夜、ブッシュウィックコミュニティを驚かせた。 SAYURIを祝福しようとたくさんの方が足を運んでくださいました。彼女がこのプロジェクトに注ぎ込んだ時間、そして創造性。



次は 4月5日のエキシビションでお会いしましょう!

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