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Deciding Length

Its important to understand what kind of upkeep you want to have with your hair when choosing a hairstyle.

For instance, if you don't mind having something that is a bit more high maintenance, something very short, or with bangs, you usually need a cut every 3 weeks to 1 month to keep up with the style.

A style that is still short, but a bit softer is a bit easier to handle as it grows out and typically needs recut every 2-3 months to keep the style looking fresh.

Considering a bob style? This is great for those perfect in-betweeners who don't want to fully go all short, but also don't want to tie their hair cup every day. Now bob styles; the many that there are, are relatively easy to keep looking fresh and still be a bit more low maintenance. I always suggest getting a touch up every 3 months.

Long hair is always mis-understood to be this crazy low maintenance style. But keeping long hair looking healthy, fresh and shiny is anything but low maintenance. I still suggest getting a trim every 2-3 month. Maybe 4 months if you really feel like pushing it, but its important to keep in mind, the longer that you wait to get your haircut, the more that typically needs to come off.

So if you want to keep that long hair looking gorgeous! Take care of it! If you regularly get your hair cut then you avoid the trauma of only going to a salon once a year and having your hairstylist tell you that you "need about 5 inches off to get off all of the dead ends"

My point is that if you want beautiful hair, its going to be high maintenance. Whether you get it cut every 3 weeks or every 3 months. But the benefit of taking care of your hair is keeping one of your greatest accessories, your greatest accessory.

To understand what style works best with your personality, life style, and budget talk to your hairstylist!

Here at STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN we offer free consultations to discuss all of this and more with you.

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