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Todays blog post will discuss the importance of the consultation you have with your client.

Many clients may come in the salon already having an idea of how they want their hair to look when they leave, as well as many clients coming in with an open mind and no previous ideas.

As stylists, it is our job to be honest with each client about what we believe what style will suit them best.

To do be able to do this, we have to study and train to know what colors and hair styles will compliment each individual, while also understanding the individuals unique style and personal taste.

Some questions you can ask your client during a consultation to better understand what design you can create for the is something like the following:

*What do you do for a profession?

*Do you have to pull your hair back into a pony tail?

*What color tones do you like to see with your skin color?

*Where do you want to see more/less volume?

*Do you like the weight of your hair?

These are only a few questions that I ask my clients before beginning to start the process of their hair.

During the time of every appointment, it's important to get to know your client. Understand their life, their hopes, their style. With each appointment and with every consultation, you will grow in a relationship with your cl

ient in their hair. This will help your client be more honest with you about their hair and allow you to grow as their stylists.

So focus on your consultation and this will help you establish a more honest relationship with your client.

To receive your own consultation with one of our Master stylists, book your complimentary consultation online through our website.

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