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Confidence in your clients style

When deciding what haircut you want, its important to remember your face shape. When understanding that you can easier understand what shape you do not want to create with your haircut. It's not always about what's most "normal" or "balanced" but about making the client feel comfortable in their own skin. Understanding each individuals personal esthetic is key to being able to craft the perfect haircut for whoever is in your chair.

Too often in the salon we hear our clients tell us experiences where hairdressers called their clients weird or strange or just outright refusing to do a haircut or color because it is out of their realm of what they consider normal or fashionable. But it is our job as craft hairdressers to break the beauty standards because there is not only one type of client, but billions of different client. Each coming to YOU to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.

This is why it is important for us to learn how to approach each client, how to choose our words carefully and how to conduct a proper and nonjudgmental consultation.

It doesn't always matter what your personal aesthetic is, or what your favorite haircut is to do. When a client comes in and confides in you and trusts you to bring out their best self, you set your own style aside and start connecting with your client to get the best feel for who they really are so you can craft an individualized style for them.

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