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Color Process

You've seen the memes, the funny videos, and pretty much whatever else the internet comes up with. But lets get real and talk about the process of coloring your hair.

You need to understand that first off, your inspiration photo does have a chance of being edited to either look brighter or cooler the it would look in person.

Second things is, the inspiration photos don't show the amount of time and money that has gone into creating their look.

Now keeping that in mind, lets continue.

Whether you have been box coloring your hair black for years, or you are a natural brown or even a sandy blonde; some peoples hair can not lift to be that icy white color every one so desperately wants. You can not force your hair to do what you want and trying to do so might result in damage, and even breakage in the hair. Let me tell you, no color is worth having dry, lifeless looking hair.

So before you get your mind set on this specific color, go have a consultation with your stylists. Every person has different texture, hair history, uses different products, and has their own budget.

Discuss with your stylist what you want, what your budget is and what kind of maintenance you want. Listen to your stylist. We have been trained and educated to understand what your hair can handle, as well as knowing what's going to make you look beautiful and hopefully feel happy at the end of the appointment.

So instead of always being so stuck on the perfect picture that you found, be stuck to the idea that someone out there can create the perfect color formulated to suit your skin tone, keep your hair healthy, and still giving you what you wanted and what makes you feel beautiful.

The most important thing to remember is to not fear change and trust the process!

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