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Budgeting for your hair

Everybody has their own budget. We all choose to spend our money in different places, in our own ways. But everybody still needs their hair done!

SO what can we do to help people feel like their best selves but also stay within their budget?

We consult. We get upfront and honest with what the service will cost BEFORE we start.

That way, if the desired service does not fall in line with the budget of the client, we are able to make sure that we can adjust the service properly.

Yes this does mean that maybe the client wont be getting exactly what they originally came in for. But it is important to not under-charge yourself or over-charge your clients.

Encourage your client to ask questions! Our clients are not hair professionals, so they might not understand why the service they want costs "X" amount of dollars. Explaining things like this to clients helps them understand the reasoning behind our prices, and also helps them gain a realistic expectation for the next time they come to the salon.

Its also reminds you to make sure you are charging proper prices for your services. If you cant explain why your services costs as much as they do, then it makes the client feel like they are being cheated or ripped off.

So remember to be honest, be upfront and don't be afraid to start the conversation!

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