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Basic Course

Hey all you hair creatives and artists out there!

This September we are having our Basic Course here at the STEP BONE CUT ACADEMY!

What will the basic course involve?

This course will introduce you to the basics of the STEP BONE CUT technique. You will be educated on SBCP( our own line of organic products) as well as the history and future goals of this technique!

During these three days, training will be done by learning two specific haircuts that will help you better understand how STEP BONE CUT works. Your body is pushed to move in new ways that is different from your every day hair cutting methods.

You are educated on the theory and vocabulary behind our method as well. This will help you understand how to better follow our diagrams, as well as being able to take your knowledge home to apply this to your clients.

At the end of your training you will be tested to complete the two haircuts you have learned within 30 minutes, as well as pass a theory exam as well.

If you are able to pass all three exams, you will then receive your Basic Course certification and be bale to move forward to the technical course!

We are looking forward to all who plan on attending the basic course this September!

For anyone who would still like to join, we have some spots let! all you have to do is send us an email, or click the link for more information about our academy!

このコースでは、まずステップボーンカットの基礎技術を学びます。 そしてこの技術の歴史と将来の目標、そしてステップボーンカットプロダクツについても学びます!

3日間、ステップボーンカットはどういうものかを理解するのに役立つ、2つのヘアスタイルを学習します。 カットフォームから従来のカットと違うので、新しいやり方を体で覚えていけるようにトレーニングします。

またステップボーンカットの理論やワードについても学びます。 これは、ただステップボーンカットの技術だけでなく、お客様にとってたくさんの情報をお持ち帰りいただけます。





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