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Introducing Brooklyn artists to the world.

Aiko fukuda

Aiko is a Japanese Illustrator, working predominantly in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle based in Tokyo. Aiko’s work is fashion-inspired illustrations with a delicate, pen-drawn tough. Her curiosity never stops, she is constantly challenging herself with new illustrative methods and techniques, experimenting with the possibilities of combining the analog and digital worlds using iPad Pro. Her works have appeared in VOGUE, GQ, SHISEIDO, Adobe, MOLESKINE, FABER-CASTELL, etc...


In 2010, he moved his base from Osaka to Tokyo, and became involved in big projects with MLB and other major companies as a designer and illustrator.

In 2016, he moved to New York and turned to doing freelance work.

Presently, he is involved in various works, as he has collaborated with Disney, UNIQLO, The New York Times, McDonald’s in Japan, Karmaloop, and so on….

Aoi Fujikawa

Aoi Fujikawa is a Japanese graphic designer based in New York and Tokyo. Aoi grew up in Tokyo and moved to Nova Scotia, Canada at the age of 16.  Aoi studied Art and Design at Edinboro University and in 2016, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Aoi specializes in branding, print, and digital design.

Shinichi Tsutsui

Photo Exhibition #TheWayYouWEREThatDay

4/27-4/30 2018 At #FR2Gallery, 4-29-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Shinichi Tsutsui began his photography career in 2011 by shooting for a magazine called Street Magazine in Tokyo, Japan. After moving to New York in 2012, he began working with various publications as a contributing photographer and through that work he was inspired to launch an archival street photography project called "#TheWayYouWEREThatDay" in 2015. This project seeks to capture people, fashion and cities in the moment so to preserve the nature of youth and trends, ultimately, creating a culture archive.

Masato Okano

My art is the bridge between art and music, between people, between me and the world.


The music tape I bought for the first time in my life was Iron Maiden. The reason I chose this music tape was because the cover art was awesome. I realized that the artwork of the music tape connected me and good music. At this time, I was aware of the power of art that can connect things.


Because my mother is musician and there is a music studio in my house, music is something like air for me and I met many musicians who have pure mind when I was a kid. I think this is the reason why it began to occur to me that I want to convey my art in the field of music.

Keisuke Tsujimoto

Keisuke Tsujimoto (b.1984, Kobe, Japan)

After working for Iino media pro studio, studied under a Japanese photographer TAKAKI_KUMADA.

Live in Brooklyn.



1984年 神戸生まれ

Iino media pro studio を経てフォトグラファーのTAKAKI_KUMADA 氏に師事後、拠点をNYへ移す。



Wish You Were There @hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK - NY 2018 


Hiroka Yamashita

1991年兵庫県生まれ。2009年渡米後、ニューヨークのSchool of Visual Arts在籍時から絵画を中心とした制作活動を行う。人間のドラマ、日常風景を題材とし、西洋画の系譜をベースに日本的なEphemeralityを描く。

2017年からMason Gross School of the Arts の修士課程に在籍。

b.1991, Hyogo, Japan

2019 MFA Visual Arts, Rutgers, Mason Gross School of the Arts

2017 BFA Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts

Embracing daily sceneries and dramas of human life as the subject matter, Yamashita's practice runs visualizing ephemerality by abstracting "movement" 

Miki Tomioka

Miki is born in Shizuoka, Japan.
Since she has raised in Atami where is the southwest of Japan and considered as a seaside city, her works relate to underwater creatures, goldfishes, and marine lives. Miki’s works spread to real life, her works are transformed as products, digital fabrications, and various kinds of media. Miki flies to anywhere in the world to paint murals on the wall, she has joined international exhibitions in NY, Malaysia, and Taiwan so far. Currently she is a member of a creative duo “MiL” and collaborates with music festivals to live paint as well.

Masaya Nakayama

Since he was young, he was obsessed to drawing by the influence of his father, who was an artist in his young age. His concept is the gap between purity and insanity. As a person learns the social mechanism and form one's characteristics, generating both contradiction and possibility, he projects the fragile hope that he finds in his own childhood. Now that the unclear peace theory is about to collapse, it is time to ask ourselves, whom don't know anything about the real war, what so-called "complacent with peace" really is. By using a paper called Mashi (hemp paper) as canvas, you will catch a glimpse of perfect purity of human existence through the natural white paper color peeking through the layers of bleeding pigments-- 

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