A new technique born in Japan !!

It’s not only about technique.

It’s about living your dream.


STEP BONE CUT first appearance at IBS NY !!

The methodology in the production of fashion is not a solo endeavor.

Fashion designers sketch and design the overall garment, pattern makers cut the template for the production of the clothes, seamstresses cut and sew the patterns together to create the finished product. 

Their combined efforts result in a beautiful garment. The vision of the designer is often executed by their team.

In the world of hair, it is often the case that the stylist must also execute their design. If it is compared to fashion design, the stylist must be the designer, pattern maker, and seamstress all in one.

Often an individual is excellent at one or two of these tasks, but is slightly lacking in another aspect when creating their vision. There is imperfection when translating their design from concept to finished style.

The STEP BONE CUT technique enables the individual to be a specialist in each aspect of their task to create their vision. By systematically focusing on each element, and defining the methodology to produce the desired results, STEP BONE CUT enables every designer to perfectly execute their vision every time.

What does this mean for the beauty industry?

This is the beginning of the second revolution in the beauty industry.

(the first was Vidal Sassoon’s revolutionary wash and wear and basic cut)

Basic cut


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As the owner and creator of Step Bone Cut, she has won many awards for her innovative cutting and styling techniques. Sayuri has been featured in a variety of Fashion and Beauty industry magazines and worked alongside some of the industries best on shoots and shows.


Sayuri’s inspiration comes from combining different dimensions between the real and the imaginary. Her unique and futuristic view of the world, known as “Sayuri’s World” is expressed through everything she creates.

For years, she’s traveled all over the world capturing her perspective on how Japanese hair techniques have been integrated into global styling practices. Her photos were later turned into a book for Japanese hairdressers and has since been published both in Japan and the U.S.

As a business woman, she continues to inspire and teach all those around her. Always looking to go one step further, her newest endeavor, which has already gotten a lot of attention, is a hair care product line, Step Bone Cut Products, that benefits both the hair and scalp.

STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN is a combination of our haircut academy and hair salon where people can come to learn and receive the STEP BONE CUT  technique. STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN is also a place for artists and teachers a-like to rent out a studio space to share their art. We also have our Artist loft where people from all over the world gather to share experiences and knowledge. 

Now, for a limited time we are offering beauty school graduates 20% off their tuition for STEP BONE CUT ACADEMY.

It’s not just about technique, it’s about fulfilling your dreams. 
We hope to see you at STEP BONE CUT BROOKLYN.

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